Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bible School

At the beginning of January, I started doing something with my girls that they just love. I found tons of activity and color pages, thanks to Google, that I can use for teaching them stories from the Bible. I've organized them so that I can teach the same lesson to both of them and Ana has a color page and Aiva has an activity page that's harder for her level. When I get home, I put my stuff down and head to the kitchen where I start to get things ready for dinner. I call both girls in and tell them to get their art kits and I give them each a page. While I cook, I tell them the story. I'll have Aiva look up the verses in the Bible and have her read the kids version just to catch anything that I miss. I've even given her just the "address" for the verse and I'll have her write down the verse. It helps her get into the word and get excited about it because there are actual stories in there! I have to share what happened last night though. The lesson last night was on creation and what God created and when. Aiva just jumps at the opportunity to do anything that resembles homework so this was right up her alley. I printed out a sheet for her that had "Day 1-7" and the verses that corresponded to what God created for those days. She dove right into the Bible and wrote out what God created anon those days. She later asked if she could draw pictures of the things that He created and I of course told her to go for it. She loved it! It's really been a lot of fun to get this started and going. It's great for me because I don't have to hear them fighting when I get home. It's good for them becasue they're hearing the Word and getting into it. Plus, it's good for Nate because he gets a much needed 30-45 minute break before dinner. Here are a couple picks of what we've been doing:


Tiffany said...

That is such an awesome idea, Meggan! I love it! How neat for all of you! They will totally remember that and probably do it with their own kids someday!

Aubre and Gary said...

That's a great idea! I can tell you from experience, Nate truly appreciates the break! I love when Gary gets home and takes Noah for some playtime. You rock Momma!

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