Monday, January 30, 2012


OK...miserable doesn't begin to express how I feel right now. The above picture is what I feel like. Mind you, it's not what I look like, but I certainly what I feel like it. A gal in my Thursday group mentioned an idea to help us get into your skinny jeans. She said that if we can get into our skinny jeans without busting the zipper or busting the seam, then what's holding us back? By being in jeans that are uncomfortable, it will help keep us accountable everything that we put in our mouth. It will help us see that with just a little more hard work and dedication, these jeans will fit and feel great. My thoughts on the issue:

I should have never put these jeans on this morning

I think the feelings that I have right now might be enough to keep my mouth shut so I don't put anything inside. Heck, I've passed up lunch altogether because I can't get up! LOL Granted, I am in the next size down and it feels pretty good when I get up and move but when I sit words can describe. My thought was to blog about my menu plan after this post but to think of food at the current moment with the feelings I'm having just wouldn't be a great idea :) On that note, I think I will unbutton my pants and take a full breath :) LOL One more hour til I get to go home and get into my comfy PJ's!

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Aubre and Gary said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I've had those moments, and NO THANK YOU, I will take my comfy pants anyday! Good for you though for trying something new! See you Friday!

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