Thursday, January 10, 2013


So last year I listed my weight resolutions and I just found it a few weeks ago and it reminded me that I needed to come up with some new resolutions. That's right...I met some of my goals so it's now time to set some new ones. I'll give an update on my previous goals another day. For now, this is what I'm resolving to do in 2013:

1) Wear a medium
2) Wear the black dress that's a medium in my closet
3) Cross my legs without forcing them to stay
4) Get on the ring on that Nate got me for Christmas in 2011
5) Feel OK with my picture being taken
6) Run another 5k or better
7) Drink more water
8) Get cute bras and panties
9) Get out of a large
10) Have to get my wedding rings made smaller
11) No smokers cough after running
12) To make better choices while eating
13) Run a 5k with Ana
14) To get tennis shoes more than once a year
15) Get into a size 12
16) Make my necklaces smaller in length
17) To not beat myself up over a gain
18) Putting my fork down when I eat
19) Making better drink choices when out to eat
20) Work on my saggy arms
21) Try insanity
22) Learn a different workout
23) Try to eat healthier....less pizza
24) More fruits and veggies
25) Reward myself with something new instead of food
26) Get my cholesterol checked
27) Get rid of old or big clothes
28) Get a cute bathing suit not to hide but to flatter
29) Get family pictures
30) Work with Aiva on eating better or exercising
31) Dress up
32) Get my scale to work
33) Figure out how to lose weight by working out and eating right
34) Don't be bad with eating just because someone else is
35) Have Nate hold me accountable
36) Get away from having a day or meal where I eat whatever I want - Eating 2days worth of calories

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