Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, I've finally hit the stage where I'm officially undecided about Nashville. I don't know why I was so settled on moving and now I'm not...try explaining that to Nate. right now he is so fed up with me that I can't believe it. I've finally come to the decision that I'm ready to stay at the church. I love my job and I want to stay here. There's something about feeling secure and loving your job that I don't want to move away from. I can't describe it. Call me crazy. I just hate that I have a tough time of making up my mind. I feel sorry for Nate with dealing with that. Sorry hun! So, the plan is to find Nate a job. I'm determined though to find something that he will love. I know it's out there...we just have to find it. I'm happy though that I'll be sticking around here. I finally feel at peace and I think that's the peace that only God can give me. The tough part is going to be telling his parents that we're not longer headed that way. I think it's really going to break their heart. Lord help them! We're scheduled to fly down there in about 3 weeks so we just might have to do it then. I am looking forward to another a mini vacation! Until I'm ready to breath easy and relax a little. It's summer for Pete's sake!! Can't I enjoy it a little?!?

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