Friday, August 17, 2007


Well, we finally made it to Nashville...sort of. We flew here yesterday and we're leaving tomorrow morning. Wen we get home we've got to pack, party and part. I know that this will be a tough transition but I know that God has great things lined up for me and the family. I'm going to hate leaving my mom. I know that we will certainly keep in contact but it's always nice to be able to go over to mom's after a bad day. I'm dreading the goodbye already. I'm still focusing on getting things packed before I let myself think about things at Dell. I did have a meeting over there on Thursday and I'm confident that I'm going to do great there. It's just getting my heart to go along with it. I know that I'm going to do this for my girls and for Nate but I can't help but think off all the things I'm going to miss out on. I can't let my mind wonder there though b/c then I'll get depressed and and it will cause tension for Nate the horizon...I feel it! I have to cut out for's already midnight in Columbus so I have to transition myself back to Ohio time and get some sleep. I probably will either write before shutting the computer down or when we get here. Wish us luck and we come!

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