Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tomorrow is finally D day. The day that I'm officially on the phones. I finished my last day of training yesterday and I'm absolutely dreading stepping into my actual new job. If I could turn the other way and run I probably would. Two Fridays ago I found out that 5 of my teammates and I are moving to another team. They knew at the beginning that five of us would have to leave yet they decided to hold off in telling us. This last week has been long and hard b/c I knew that this day would come that I would have to face the next day with another team. I just want this job to be over. I submitted resumes to quite a few churches so I'm hoping that one of the churches takes an interest in me. Two have actually responded so I'm praying for good things. I know that we are here for something but I'm still waiting for the plan to be unfolded. The good thing about moving here is that I've actually gotten closer to Adriene the gal that WCC hired to replace me. We are so much alike that it's unreal. We sit and gab on the phone like we're been friends forever. I really with that we have become friends sooner. I know that we would have been the best of friends Nate asked me yesterday why I always pick friends that are out of state. It's not like I plan it that way but it just happens. I really wish she were here so we could hang out more. The homesickness is getting better but I'm sure it will creep back up once the holidays arrive. Today Nate and I went shopping for the girls birthday party's. I never knew how difficult that this was going to be. Well see how things unfold. I can already sense a feeling of doubt in having to do this every year. What are we going to do!?! Things with Nate and I seems to be a little strained too. I think it's the whole thing of living with his parents and doing the stay home/working parent thing. I'm hoping that this get better once we do it more often. SO for those of you who might be reading my blog please pray for this church job. I really need this to come through. I really want to be happy and I know that this job at Dell is not it. I'm going to try to stay positive and see what happens but I knwo that I don't want to do this full time for the remaining days that I have. Help. I need your prayers!

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