Saturday, September 8, 2007


Well, I finally finished my second week of training and I'm so happy that it's over. At lunch yesterday I was thinking about looking for another job but by the time I left I was feeling a little more confident about the whole Dell thing. I was able to sell one real computer and two fake computers yesterday. We had two secret shopper calls and I was able to sell a computer to both and then I had to sit with a mentor before leaving yesterday and I sold a computer to that person as well. All in all it wasn't that bad and I'm starting to feel a little more confident that I'm going to be OK. As long as I see that I'm advancing a little quicker than the others I think I'll be OK. I just don't want to be clueless and make a fool out of myself. After the week that I had I felt that rest was finally due me. We were supposed to go to the TN fair today but Nate was sick do we decided to hang at home. A great idea I feel. It was good to not have to do anything. After studying and molding into a sponge through the week it was good to not have to think of anything. I was able to chat with my parents a couple times today and we even gave the web cam a try with unfortunately no success. Hopefully tomorrow we can have some luck. I think I got us hooked up with Pal Talk so we're going to give it a whirl tomorrow. My dad sent some pics today that I had a ball looking at. Makes me miss home but I loved to take a mental road trip. Makes me long for September 22 weekend all the more. I think I'm going to be able to come home. My trainer said that we're going to be in training from 8-5 for the next few weeks but I'm praying that it's still going to be Monday through Friday for at least a few weeks too. We'll see. I keep praying! Well, I have to cut outta here I want to cozy on up in bed with a magazine and just veg out before I have to wake up to the kids wailing and getting into things that they shouldn't! Here;s to a great rest of the weekend and an even better week. Au revoir!

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Stacey Windover said...

Hey girl! I loved seeing a message from you! I am at Real Life Fellowship. I am the children's minister, yeee haaaa!! I heard from Nana you had moved, do you miss home? Please tell your wonderful parents, whom I love, I said hello! my email is Please send me yours! And remember, if you are ever in texas, you know where to stay!!! I am by the ocean you know!!

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