Sunday, May 10, 2009


We just got back from Nashville and it good to be home! Here's to a new week. I pray it's a good one!

1) Boz and I went for a walk today. I wish it were longer but it was just the right temperature and the day was awesome.
2) Nate's fam had a great breakfast. The one thing we did well this weekend was eat good. Back to breakfast...the Panera bagels were TO DIE FOR! Maybe not that great but they were uummm good!
3) The girls slept just about the whole way home. We were blessed to not have much fighting on the way home. Ana is pretty vocal these days so it was a nice perk to the trip.
4) We got home at a decent time. I can't tell you how nice it is to get time when it's still light. Makes you feel like we didn't waste your whole day in a car...especially on Mother's Day!
5) When we got home, there were two Mother's Day cards sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me. It was a welcome sight since I thought Nate forgot about me today. They were really cute and made me cry...any card is a good card that makes me cry!

Hope you mom's had a great day. God blessed us with a beautiful day!

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