Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today is finally over the hump day! Yeah! It's one more reason to celebrate today!

1) When Aiva got to the office Monday, she went straight to Mrs. Lisa's office to check on the hamsters. It made me realize how fast she's growing up. She used to want me to go in with her.
2) For lunch Monday, I took Aiva home from preschool. We ate Subway and it made me realize that yes, my love language is quality time. No matter what we do, I love spending time with my family - even if it's only to "eat fresh"!
3) The weather has been awesome. Monday we went for a walk after work. I had a run in with someone and I just needed to talk with Nate. He always settles me down and reassures me. It was nice to be with him and just walk.
4) I got a lot done at work. Two of the guys have been gone which makes it quiet but I can really catch up on some things! I love catching up!
5) Biggest Loser ended last night! I love that show. Gave me just what I needed to kick off my week. I've been in a slump with my "diet" and it gave me a shove to keep working matter how nice it is outside!

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