Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Yesterday was the first day of preschool for Ana. She LOVED it. She went last year but this is 3 days a week and she felt like she was big stuff. This year she got to carry a backpack and had to get supplies like big sister Aiva. Unfortunately I was home sick yesterday but it was good timing as I got to see her off for her first day. If I weren't feeling so bad I would have gone with them but instead stayed back and heard the news once Nate got back home. After he came home it felt odd having both kids in school. I guess that's what it feels like to have a quiet house. Last time it was quiet was back in January when both girls stayed at my parents house for our birthdays. She ended up loving it and was zonked once she got home. I let her sleep about an hour before it was time for dinner. Today she did the same thing. She normally takes an afternoon nap but not anymore!

Aiva's been doing great with school. She's really trying to get an "orange" for the day to mean that she did AWESOME but she continues to get green meaning that she's just plain GOOD. I told her that we need to bake the teacher some cookies or brownies to get some "brownie points" (no pun intended) to get her an orange! She always wants to dress up for school which makes walking to school somewhat of a challenge. I had to go out to get different shoes and socks so her feet won't hurt on the way there and throughout the day. I think the highlight today was her buying her lunch and trading her breadstick for salad with one of her friends. At least she's making wise eating choices! She only gets to buy one time a week so this is really fun for her.

Today was my first day back to school after the long weekend. It was rough trying to get caught back up but I'll be back at it again tomorrow. I'm starting to feel better so that's good! Little Ana kept asking me if I were feeling better. I think she half cared and half really wanted to do something fun this weekend. She was a trooper while I was sick in bed...both girls were.

We've been starting to think about birthdays in October. It will be here before you know it. Not sure of all the details but Aiva is getting her ears pierced at some point. Nate's not to keen on the idea but it will grow on him. Once he sees how cute she looks he'll be OK. I can't wait! I know we're doing an iCarly cake and a Dora cake but that's all we've talked about. It's hard not to do it up big but we have to keep it small since Nate and I are going to Chicago in November. Can't wait...that's a whole different post! More tomorrow :)

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