Saturday, January 28, 2012


As we went out to eat for our weekly pizza night, the thought of my last post came to mind as I was ordering. The word that kept ringing in my ears was "improvements". How can I make improvements to what I order and how I eat? I had a split second to order my drink...which I should have told the waitress to give us just a minute or two. I ended up ordering a Diet Pepsi because I knew it was zero points. Nate looked at me weird and said "Diet Pepsi...are you sure?". In front of the waitress. of course, we're having this debate. She probably thought I'd lost my mind, considering she practically knows us by name and KNOWS I ALWAYS order a Wild Cherry Pepsi. "Yes, honey...Diet Pepsi." After thinking, and explaining to Nate my reasoning in getting a Diet Pepsi, he and I both came to the conclusion that I should have just gotten water. I can easily throw down a Dr. Pepper 10 now but Diet Pepsi is still new territory and since I'm making wise decisions about eating, I might as well make wise decisions to finances and not spend the $2.50 for a drink that I don't like.

After just now calculating what I ate, I see that I could have made some definite improvements. Per piece it's 8 points. I should have had one piece (which I normally eat) and more salad. I ended up eating 2 pieces, one breadstick with a little marinara, and a salad with ranch. I could have still had a little more salad (minus the cheese) and saved my self that last piece and been 8 points less. I ended up eating my full days worth of points just for dinner.

What am I going to do next time?
Eat more fruits and veggies during the day instead of my normal lunch.
Drink more water to make me feel filled.
Eat one piece of pizza.
Skip the breadstick.
Order water and bring along a Crystal Light lemonade packet.

It's all about making improvements! Getting used to "points" is going to take some time but day by day I can see me making improvements. Here's to another day!

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