Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Do It!

I read a devotional this morning and it set me straight. Here's the link to it if you want to check it out. Here are two of the points that I took out of the article:

The hardest part of almost any task or challenge we face is getting started.

JUST DO IT. You can always improve on it once you have started.

How true are these? Everyone has experienced the want to...the need to but very few really follow thru. This the the very thing that I want to stay away from this time around. I'm feeling great. I made great decisions yesterday in my eating and I had a fabulous zumba workout. This morning I'm feeling really great.

I read something on a friends blog that I'm going to adopt. It's kind of like a moto...focus...way of thinking. Call it what you will but it's something good to have on the forefront of your mind. Here it is...

  • Eat clean (reduce sugar & pop, eat more fruits and veggies, drink 80-100 oz water daily)
  • Move more (go to zumba once a week, park farther away, play Wii twice weekly)
  • Refresh daily (devotions, purposeful prayer daily, Bible study)
Each week, I'll give you an update as to how I'm doing and things I've discovered, need to work on, or something that I'm learning about myself. Stay tuned and hope you can join me to eat clean, move more, and refresh daily!

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