Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weekly Thoughts

I get the Weight Watcher Weekly books from my super great friend, Aubre, and last night I sat down and ready thru all of them. I read them as she gives them to me but I needed a big dose of encouragement last night so I read them all. If you get these books, I strongly recommend that you hang on to these and save them for nights like these when you're down, frustrated, or just need a different take on things. One thing that I pulled out is this:

Next time you're debating whether or not to lace up your sneakers, remember that you CAN make the right choice!

I didn't really want to step last night during The Bachelor but I did and after I was done, I was so thankful that I did it. I made the right choice! It helps me next time in knowing that I made the right choice then...I can make the right choice NOW!

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